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Product Overview
Delacion PoliSuite is a next-generation web-centric Policy Administration Suite that features a completely intuitive and user-friendly experience which simplifies the most complex of workflows.

By allowing the collaboration of producers, underwriters, and insured alike, PoliSuite facilitates all of the day-to-day business transactions that occur in insurance organizations, minimizing operational overhead, increasing productivity, and providing sophisticated rules to nurture business from multiple channels in whichever way makes most sense.

Features & Benefits
  • Quickly Rate & Quote Policies
    The PoliSuite platform provides a dynamic framework for rapid rating and generation of quotes, regardless of complexity in logic. Decide whether you wish to limit raters to internal use, or publish them to the web for use by external audiences.

  • Automate Handling of Payments
    Facilitate the processing of payments through various mediums including Electronic Check, Credit Card, Manual Check, Agency Bill, Account Sweep, or implement custom payment options based on your organizations operational needs.

  • Policy Lifecycle Management
    Facilitate Policy Lifecycle Management by simplifying and streamlining everything from Policy Issuance to Endorsements, Cancellations, Renewals, and Rewrites.

  • Streamline Underwriting
    Define simple or complex underwriting conditions that determine what can be underwritten automatically by the system, or trigger submissions for human review to address cases that require further evaluation by underwriting staff.

  • Document Generation
    PoliSuite provides a powerful mechanism for form generation that enables you to get the exact look and feel you want out of your documents, whether they are industry standard ACORD forms, or your own. Automatically archive documents in PDF format in the insured and/or producer history for future reference.

  • Robust Business Rules
    Transform your business by implementing sophisticated Business Rules that provide you with the ability to define every aspect of your workflow as well as the parameters that govern business transactions. Implement complex commission structures, control access to products, payment options and other system functionality.

  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Provide valuable Business Intelligence for management as well as producers and other system users by compiling intelligent and comprehensive reports that collect information from any area in the system, and present it in an intuitive and easy-to-digest format.

  • Downstream Systems Integration via XML Services
    Integrate PoliSuite to your existing back-end systems including CRM, Accounting, Document Management Systems, or other third-party solutions via built-in Web-Services.

If you would like to learn more about PoliSuite, register for a free live demonstration.
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